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The Business Scan is among the world’s top futurists, entrepreneur, startup, funding, innovation, employment, B2A - B2B - B2C project, tender, trends, new product launch, investment, and global business opportunity news magazine.  


It has an excellent track record of promoting the world’s best products like Daedalus Mark 1 (world's fastest flying jet suit), PAL-V (world's best flying car), StadiaPitch (world's 1st automated pitch change over the system for the stadium) & many more top-class innovative products that deserve only the best media spotlight to be among the best in the world.

Subscribers of the magazine stay ahead of others by getting exclusive access to futuristic business innovation, investment, employment, entrepreneurship & enterprise news which is scanned across Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North & South America.

For business partners and advertisers, it offers customized geo-targeted advertisement booking services based on their budget to give them exclusive discounted deals through digital & print media channel partner network in over 751+ TV channels, 271+ radio stations, 51+ airports, 8501+ cinema halls, 1001+ multiplex, 114+ digital apps, 451+ websites, 1601+ magazines, 10 in-flight magazines, 11+ airlines, and 4501+ newspapers covering 9001+ media options worldwide.

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